Aquasol Corporation

Management Buyout of Owners

Established in 2003, Aquasol is a leading provider of water-soluble welding consumables, pipeline purging technologies, specialty paper and packaging products. Products include purging consumables and other technologies that are critical for high-tech welding, particularly for use in challenging environments or applications. The Company’s patented product offering is mostly custom formulated and is used at refineries, plants, pipelines and other facilities that require pipe fabrication and maintenance. Aquasol is headquartered in North Tonawanda, New York.

Lab Products, Inc.

Management Buyout of Corporate Divestiture

Established in 1969, Lab Products is a leading manufacturer providing an extensive line of laboratory research model housing and care equipment. Providing highly sophisticated environmental control systems and a range of metal or plastic cages, Lab Products serves an entrenched global base of customers spanning multiple market segments, including the sciences, government, and academic research. Lab Products is headquartered in Aberdeen, Maryland.

Frontier Packaging, Inc.

Management Buyout of Owners

Founded in 1985, Frontier is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality packaging materials primarily used by seafood processors in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. With almost 100,000 square feet of warehoused inventory, Frontier specializes in innovative and industry-proven packaging solutions to meet the unique needs and deadlines of the seafood industry.  Frontier is headquartered in Tukwila, Washington.

Eastern Business Forms, Inc.

Management Buyout of Owner

Founded in 1964, EBF is a specialty manufacturer of 903 filter paper used to collect and transport blood and urine samples from newborns to test for over twenty different disorders.  Based in Greenville, South Carolina, EBF is the worldwide leader in the production of 903 filter paper and has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of 903 diagnostic devices and procedure packs.

TFM Services, LLC

Management Buyout of Owner

Founded in 1985, TFM is a full-service, regional building and facilities management company primarily providing janitorial services for grocery stores, convenience stores, other retail stores and other commercial and industrial properties.  Based in Wichita, Kansas, TFM provides facilities maintenance services across Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.  Services include conventional janitorial services, concrete restoration, power washing, window washing, landscaping, and general maintenance.

Griffin Gear, Inc.

Management Buyout of Owners

Founded in 1967, Griffin Gear specializes in the manufacture of quality replacement gearing and gearbox rebuilds for any conceivable industrial application. With the capability to machine and cut gears ranging in size from ½ inch to 20 feet in diameter, Griffin has the largest selection of equipment tooling (including metric) and experience required for highly customized gearing jobs. Additionally, Griffin provides field services including gearbox inspections, routine maintenance, and on-site repair. Griffin is based in Roebuck, South Carolina.

Mayflower Sales Co., Inc.

Management Buyout of Owner

Founded in 1917, Mayflower is a value-added distributor of premium physical security hardware products including locks, locksets, access control systems, and door hardware.  Based in Brooklyn, New York, they are an industry leader with a strong regional presence in the NYC metropolitan area and national reach through their e-commerce brand, Qualified Hardware.

Blower Application Company, Inc.

Management Buyout of Owners

Founded in 1933, BloApCo designs and manufactures highly engineered solid waste and scrap handling systems and process equipment.  Based in Germantown, Wisconsin, BloApCo’s products include shredding systems, trim handling systems, material handling fans, and conveying systems primarily utilized in the paper, packaging, and corrugated industries.


Management Buyout of Owners

OPTP is a leading provider of physical therapy and fitness products, and complementary educational materials to healthcare professionals, clinics, individuals, and distributors and resellers. Examples of the products that OPTP sells include foam rollers, lumbar rolls, exercise balls, and educational books.  OPTP is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mid America Specialty Services

Management Buyout of Owner

Headquartered in Ozark, MO, Mid America Specialty Services is a one-stop provider of architectural restoration and related maintenance services for metal, stone, wood and glass surfaces. The Company is an industry leader with an established footprint in attractive markets across the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast. The Company’s revenue is derived from maintenance and renovation work, with the majority coming from contracts for regular, routine maintenance services. MASS has achieved its leading position by developing one of the industry’s most comprehensive architectural restoration solutions for building interiors and exteriors.  The company was founded in 1985