GCA’s primary objective is to partner with owners and management teams who have a willingness to operate and grow successful businesses. As part of all our capital investments, senior management is involved in equity ownership to give them a meaningful stake in the success of the business. Some of the benefits of working with GCA include the following:

  • GCA Experience – GCA is one of the most established buyout firms in the Southeast and has been acquiring and growing successful businesses since 1988.
  • Support – Beyond the buyout, GCA also assists in areas such as strategic planning, growth, financial management and add-on acquisitions. GCA’s role is supportive and does not typically include involvement in day-to-day operations. Primary contributions are made through participation on the Board of Directors.
  • Access to Capital – With capital available immediately from our fund, GCA is positioned to move rapidly towards finalization of an acquisition or recapitalization. In addition to the equity funds under management, we can secure capital through excellent working relationships with many major lenders and outside equity sources.
  • Flexible Financing – A wide variety of financing techniques are employed to successfully implement acquisition and recapitalization transactions. The goal is to tailor the transaction to accommodate the needs of all parties involved.
  • Equity for Management – Ownership positions are offered to management in buyout transactions so those managers can be rewarded for the value that they help create. In recapitalization transactions, owners retain an equity position and participate in the future growth of the business while at the same time accomplishing their immediate need for liquidity.