Preserving the legacy of your business

Gen Cap America assists business owners who seek to monetize the value of their private business yet also desire to leave the business with a buyer that will be a good steward of their employees and managers and preserve the legacy of their business. Many owners find appeal in an ownership transition that includes key members of their management team. Business owners may believe that this type of transaction requires lengthy seller financing. We structure transactions that provide owners immediate liquidity while also providing their management teams with an experienced partner. We assist management in closing the transaction and bring resources to ensure the continued success of the business. Since our founding in 1988, Gen Cap American has made investments in over 60 companies where we have backed members of the internal management team (who were not the primary owners) to be the operating partners in a classic management led buyout.

Gen Cap is a unique partner

While many private equity firms invest in management buyouts, few focus exclusively on these situations and even fewer possess our extensive experience partnering with internal teams. Owners may have reservations about engaging with private equity out of concern for what will happen to their employees after a sale. They’ve heard stories of slashing jobs, shuttering divisions and disrupting the culture they’ve worked hard to establish. Because our firm emphasizes stability while supporting growth, our goal with every transaction is to maintain the key elements of a business that have contributed to its success and profitability over many years. We back long tenured management teams, and we stick with them.