Transition capital

Since our founding over three decades ago, Gen Cap has focused on providing “transition capital” that enables business owners to exit their business.

Backing the owner’s key people

In all of our 60+ investments, Gen Cap has backed owners’ internal management teams including General Managers, CFOs, VP of Sales, COOs, and family members. Our approach enables key managers to receive significant equity ownership in the company they helped build.


Whether fully monetizing the value of their ownership at the time of a transaction, serving as board chairman, continuing to work in the business, maintaining minority equity in the business, or retiring completely, we enable owners to reach their goals for transitioning out of their business.


Owners spend years building a management team, hiring a stable employee base and promoting a culture that enables their business to flourish. Because we acknowledge the importance of these elements in creating value, we work tirelessly to ensure continuity of each company’s culture and employees, preserve relationships (supplier, customer) and uphold the company’s standing in the communities where they reside.


Our first rule of creating value is not to lose money. For this reason, an investment prospect’s stability of earnings is key to Gen Cap’s strategy. We protect businesses through conservative use of debt, and our management teams are encouraged to execute growth strategies well within their and the company’s capabilities, always keeping an eye on preserving value.