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Gammaloy Holdings, L.P.

Management Buyout of Retiring Owner

Gammaloy Holdings, L.P. primarily rents non-magnetic drill collars, subs and stabilizers to directional and horizontal drilling companies, oil and gas companies, and non-conventional users, such as river and utility crossing companies. Gammaloy also has machine shops, which support operations as well as perform work for other oil service companies. Additionally, the company rents steel stabilizers and subs plus provides inspection services for all down-hole drilling tools and equipment. Gammaloy was initially founded in 1952 as National Directional Service Company with the purpose of distributing non-magnetic drill collars for the National Supply Company. In 1955, the Cree family purchased the company and changed its name to Gammaloy, Ltd.

S&K Associates, Inc.

Add-On Acquisition for EFT Source

S&K Associates is located near Boston, Massachusetts, and has been in business since 1979. The company performs card conversion work for financial institutions as well as embosses ATM cards and debit cards. EFT has been a vendor to S&K for a number of years providing services relating to debit cards. This acquisition provides EFT with New England presence as well as an entrance into the card conversion business.